The Ultimate Guide For Digital Marketing London UK

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Let me get this straight about digital marketing London UK:

Nobody tells you the right way to get started. 

So, here is the guide – the meaty-1947 words to walk you through to the road of digital marketing glory.

Read on.

Why digital marketing?

With boundless access to the internet, marketing has evolved digitally. Sure, digital marketing is basically marketing.

The difference is, this tactic utilizes the internet to promote and sell products and services.

For an entrepreneur like you, it will be such a waste not to use digital marketing strategy.

How, you might ask?

This article is going to tell you the step-by-step guide and the checklist to get started.

  1. Set goals

First thing first, to have well-defined goals is a must for any marketing strategy.

Here are common goals for digital marketing, using the REC model by Moby Siddique:

  • Reach

Reach involves building awareness of your brand and products. You can tap on prospects’ awareness and provide solutions to their problems.

Create marketing campaigns to reach out and influence your audience.

  • Engage

Build relationship and engagement with your prospects. Long-term engagement with buyers can help to build customer loyalty.

Such engagements can be measured by repeat actions, such as repeated purchases and sharing contents through social media.

Thus, creating a customer base and boost up customer lifetime value (LTV).

  • Convert

To increase profit is the most essential goal for your strategy. Convert leads and engagements into profit. Convert prospects into loyal customers.

It involves getting your prospect to take those important steps and become your customers.

The actions occur such as purchasing your products, subscribe to your services, or even by signing up on your website.

If these common goals seem a bit off and do not suit your needs, you can outline your goals. Using the SMART goals, you can set goals according to your nature of business.

This infographic explains SMART goals and example of goals you can set.

digital marketing malaysia

  1. Market research

Today, marketing is no longer a gamble or just-do-it thingy. To achieve your marketing goals and increase profits, it requires robust market research.

Okay, probably not one. It could take countless of market research.

Do not freak out, yet. It may sound hard, but it is actually simple. It is one of the essential parts of online marketing in Malaysia.

Now, why do you need market research?

You have to identify your potential customers, their needs, interests, and problems.

In a way, you get to know who your prospects are and where to find them. Thus, you can create the perfect marketing strategy.

Follow these steps to do market research:

1) Create buyer personas

digital marketing malaysia


Buyer persona or target market is a fictional, generalized representation of a customer who is very likely to purchase from you. By creating a buyer persona, you can put a name and a face to your customers.

This way, you know how to reach out and engage with them.

2) Study your leads

Some tools and platforms allow you to track your leads. This data can be transformed into a pattern so you can identify your target audience.

The patterns can give you insight and learn more about your audiences, such as age, gender, interests, education, and socioeconomic status.

3) Find out about your competition

As the saying goes, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”.

Identify and investigate your rivals. Competitor research helps you to have a better look at your own business and digital marketing strategy you want to employ.

You can read more about market research on

Market research is beneficial in many ways:

  • Deliver your message and promote your products effectively
  • Clarify types of customer and prospects you should be targeting
  • Avoid wasting money on channels that do not work
  1. Products

digital marketing malaysia

You MUST have products to sell or services to offer. Otherwise, you can sell other people’s products as an agent or as an affiliate.

There are various, countless goods and services that can be sold online. However, there are a few exceptions.

You might want to avoid items that are illegal to sell online. It can be dangerous items like weapons and explosives, or drugs and medicines. Act of selling illegal items may result in legal actions by the authority.

  1. Website

Imagine this;

You are in a shopping mall. There are plenty of shops. As you walk around, you pass through a shop. It sells something you are looking for, something you like and the shop is attractive and beautiful.

That is precisely how your website should be.

digital marketing malaysia

A website for your business is like a virtual physical store. It is a place where customers can browse around your products or services, at any convenient time, from the comfort of their home.

It serves the purpose to display your products and attract customers.

Other than that, website also represents your company and its credibility.

More often than not, most people will search the internet for product or service they are looking for to check on its credibility.

Once they type the intended keyphrase, the result should land on your website.

Not magically pop up like a unicorn, but we’ll get to that later.

There are so many types of website you can opt for, such as e-commerce store, landing page, and content.

As for website builder, is the most popular website building platform.

With WordPress, you have total control on every aspect of your website. You can combine many types of website, like e-commerce store and blog, under one roof.

Furthermore, there are thousands of free plugins to incorporate additional features and functionality to your website.

You can read more about website builder here.

  1. Social media

Social media is a platform where many people hang out nowadays. Hence, social media should be part of your digital marketing campaigns.

With so many platforms, you can find out which one (or more) is the best. Which social media platforms fit your style, your buyer personas and help you achieve your goals?

This handy infographic helps you to understand more about social media.

You can read more about social media platforms on

  1. Budgeting

The allocation of money is necessary for any marketing strategy, including digital marketing. Basically, the huge or small budget depends on your goals, marketing campaigns and the nature of your business.

You might as well allocate budget across platforms. For paid advertising such as Facebook ads and Google ads, you have set a certain amount of budget to get started.

Read more about the budget for digital marketing from here.

  1. Traffic

By definition, website traffic refers to website users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits or sessions. It is a common way to measure online business effectiveness to attract visitor, but not the only one.

There are major two types of website traffic:

1) Paid traffic

digital marketing malaysia

Paid traffic refers to users who enter your website through paid internet advertising. There are many platforms for paid traffic, but Google ads and Facebook ads are the most popular strategies for digital marketing in Malaysia.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is like billboards. Imagine you are driving on the road, and you see many billboards.

Some of it attracts your attention, some are not.

Similarly, Facebook ads are billboards on your Facebook newsfeed.

You can target customers according to their interests and preferences.

  • Google Ads

Google advertising acts like yellow pages; it contains plenty of solutions you are looking for.

Call it as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you run the campaign to drive the right traffic because it depends on the search query. It is very likely for the user to visit your website if it matches the intent.

2) Organic traffic

Organic traffic refers to users who found your website through an online search. The best way to increase your organic search traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can achieve SEO with a collection of contents or blog to make your website relevant to users.

With high relevance and authority, your website has the chance to get high-rank for various search keywords.

Voice search is a new thing and expanding. It certainly will change the world of SEO, so you might want to check it out here.

  1. Graphic design

Having relevant, insightful web content is one thing. Having a visually appealing presentation is another.

Graphic design serves the purpose of captivating people’s mind.

Graphic design is a creative process of transforming ideas and information through visual materials and images.

Hence, it helps to grab people’s attention within a short span. Such designs transform a company’s identity, brand, and products into a unique transformation.

Nowadays, responsive logos are a huge thing.

Most big companies and brands have their logo, which represents their identity.

Many people can identify brands based on their logo. It proves how impactful graphic design is in digital marketing.

Know more about graphic design in digital marketing in here.

  1. Copywriting

What is copywriting?

Essentially, it is any verbal content produced in the purpose of selling a product or service. It usually comes together with visual elements i.e., graphic design.

The fine line between copywriting and content writing is the calls to action; to persuade your audience to buy your products, subscribe to your service or sign up on your website.

Copy is literally everywhere – advertisement, websites, brochures, emails, and even on social media postings.

A copywriter writes catchy taglines or ad copy, most of the time. It is enough to say that your digital marketing campaign is nowhere near perfection without copywriting.

Even this article is written by a (not yet, but almost) copywriter!

Read here to know more about copywriting.

  1. Tracking

Tracking is necessary to know where you spend your money. Stillremember about your goals and budget?

This part is to make sure that you achieve your goals within the budget.

You can also re-strategize your spending based on digital marketing tracking.

If it seems relevant, you can split the budget and spend more on the most profitable channels. Digital marketing tracking is the way to obtain the data.

Other than that, tracking also helps to measure your progress. Either you are doing right or wrong, tracking will show it.

There are several digital marketing metrics you can start tracking:

  • Total website visits
  • Time spent on your site
  • Interactions per visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Total conversions

How to do digital marketing tracking? Read more about tracking here.

  1. Test

Finally, here is the exciting part. Well, maybe not that exciting, but at least we are reaching the finish line.

Testing is basically to test out marketing strategies. Everything you have a plan out must be executed, perfectly.

To make perfect, it needs practice. In this context, a test is a must.

There are several ways to test your marketing campaigns. Generally, it depends on your goals and objectives.

Some guru might advise testing using social media, whilst others might suggest more scientific methods like multivariate testing.

The most common way of testing is by using split testing. Here are some tips for testing marketing campaigns to improve result:

  • Split test your content marketing
  • Test the pricing of your goods or services
  • Use social media to test campaigns
  • Retest and re-evaluate

Now It’s Your Turn

There you go; the complete list to do your marketing campaigns. 

It is important to remember in this journey that digital marketing is a long game. You cannot expect to reap rewards in days,  regardless of how good your strategy is.

Surely, there are several digital marketing course Malaysia you can enrol.

For help improving your website and marketing strategy, please contact us for a free consultation. We will be more than happy to speak with you about how to improve your online marketing strategy today.

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